Oh My! Milestone

This Saturday Kaylin hit yet another Milestone….
That’s right…
She can open the refrigerator
I found out she reached this major milestone when
I started noticing carrots and condiments covering my floor
How in the world am I supposed to baby proof that?!
Well, thanks to Google….this was the solution I found
Looks like I’m heading to the hardware store to buy some chain and a lock
In case you wanna skip the giveaway and purchase yours instead:
“Cool Mee” Seat Liners are now available at Walmart online.
Oh and Guess Who’s turning 30 next Monday??

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  1. LOL! Happy early Birthday! You can join the land of 30, Flirty and Thriving! LOL

  2. very funny! it never stops from there! my 3 boys are almost impossible to keep out of the kitchen!happy b-day! I’m turning 41 which for some reason is harder than 40!

  3. Nice!! It’s funny the things the kids like to get into. Arya’s favorite condiment to grab is the Tabasco sauce. Unfortunately she figgured out how to get the top off. That was a hard lesson to watch!

    Enjoy your last week in your 20’s! Raymond turns 30 tomorrow. I told him, he’ll offically be a grown up…lol. I didn’t realize your birthday was so close to his. Leo’s rock!

  4. My little man’s not far behind! But we already have chain left over from other proofing projects, so we’re good…

    Happy early 30th! And I’m not far behind you… six months and counting down.

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  5. My husband gave me mom of the year award when I bought a fridge lock to keep the kids out. They are only $5 a piece, and easy to install with no screws or anything. You would need two for yours, unless she doesn’t mess with the freezer. It seriously saved my sanity so that nothing else like this happens. http://www.joyinthejumble.com/2009/11/mr-independent_03.html

  6. Good luck locking up that fridge! And 30? Really? You don’t look any older than 25.

  7. While you’re out can you pick me up a chain too, but don’t give me the key…maybe then I’ll finally stop grazing 😉
    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have some fun plans for your special day!

  8. Good luck with the fridge and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  9. That was one of the saddest days of my life as a mother when each child could go into the fridge, and actually find out that I did have what I said we did not have!! She is really too cute!! I love the picture!! Happy Early Birthday!! 30, I remember it well, I celebrate the 16th Anniversary of my 30th Brithday in October!!! Much love!!

  10. I would have never guessed that you were turning 30 soon, you look GREAT!!! I just left 30, and I feel like I’m an old maid!

  11. Oh boy – I bet Kaylin was excited about her new trick. It will only get more and more exciting!!!

    Happy early Birthday :)

  12. wooohooo, Happy EARLY 30!!!

  13. I think I’ll put chains and locks on my fridge, even though my girls are no where close to being able to open it. Talk about portion control!

  14. What a big strong girl Kaylin is now! And what a headache for Mommy! Happy early birthday!

  15. Haha, oh what a cutie! At least she went for the veggies! 😉

    And Happy Bday (a day late!)

  16. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the

  17. Oh, Congrats to your daughter on her milestone. It was a sad day in our house with my son discovered he could break our fridge locks. Though a great day for him!

    Happy birthday!!!

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