DIY Surfer Girl Sign & A Message & A Button!

Since the kids rooms are Surf Themed Rooms, I have always been hunting for things to decorate their rooms with. I saw a sign like this at a Home Decor store and it was $29! Well, I knew I could reach deep down into my crafty soul and make something just as good. SO, I did!

I bought a piece of Craft Plywood and the two Hibiscus flowers. I taped off the center and spray painted the edges pink and hand painted the center with White Acrylic Gloss paint.

Then I printed the letters with my CRICUT (that I finally have and am loving!)
Mod Podged everything on, Hot Glued the Flowers, and Stuck this bad boy on the wall in Kaylin’s room!

You like? I’m obviously going to make one for Braden that says Surfer Dude, one thing at a time though!

And now…the MESSAGE!
First, Let me apologize for the posting on my blog yesterday. Some posts I wrote for a sponsor were being continuously posted every 5 minutes on my blog. If you saw AppGear or Whitney Farms posting and being Tweeted over, and over, and over about 50 times, there was obviously a glitch in the system. Sorry about that!

Next, I am in the final stretch of school and am hoping some of my wonderful bloggy friends wouldn’t mind GUEST POSTING for me over the next couple of weeks. I’m looking for anything: An Intro about you, Life Posts, Funny Story, Crafts, Recipes, Pretty much anything you want.
Please email me or comment here and we can set that up!

Finally, my Final BUTTON! With the feedback from my readers and some help from my incredibly talented and amazing friend Amanda at Joy in the Jumble, Here it is!
Grab Box and Code are on the right hand side of my blog.

Anyone want to exchange buttons?
Now that I’m part of the cool club :)

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  1. Your button is so cute! :)

  2. Love, love & LOVE!!! You are getting so crafty, I love it!

    Love the botton, of course. Wish I could help you blog, but I’m going on vacation, so I won’t have access to my computer. One of these days though, I think a guest blogging would be fun. :)

    Good luck with your last push at school! Once again, I’m VERY proud of you!!!

    Love you, sister! :)

  3. Love how the Surfer Girl sign turned out. Every time a see something surf oriented, I think of your kiddies.

    You know I will totally help you out and guest post if you want.

  4. Me me me, definitely want to grab your blog button! One of my fav’s! Love the surfer girl sign, so cute!

  5. Love the blog button. Send me an email…. I would love doing a blog post. :)

  6. Love your blog button!!! Wishing you all the best as you come into the home stretch of school and I love the surfer girl signs!!! Much love to you!!

  7. Yay for an awesome blog button!

    I would love to guest post. E-mail me here:

  8. I love your cool club button!

    The surfer girl sign turned out AMAZING.

    I could be talked into guest posting if you still need someone 😉 Shoot me an email if it would help out!

  9. Love the sign it’s super cute!

  10. Email on the way!

  11. I love your sign. Very nice! Cute button. Jealous. I still have no clue even how to make one lol Oh well, one day when they mean nothing, I’ll “get it” lol.

  12. Great job on the signs, super cute!! :)

    Love the button!

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