Great Shot

There are some great moments when the light is perfect. It’s those moments that I don’t hesitate to get out my camera and pretend become a fabulous photographer in hopes to get that Great Shot.
I’m still terrified learning my DSLR so it’s a really good thing my subjects are so darn adorable and my pictures normally look good because of it.
I’m also on Spring Break (ish) so forgive me for the lack of posts, I’ve got school, kids, and sleep to try and catch up on!!
Here’s a few of my Great Shots! I should add, these have NO editing, these are just the light being perfect!
And my absolute favorite picture of my two little adorables. Being goofy as always :)
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  1. They are so perfectly adorable and I, for one, am impressed by your photography!!

    If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you’d shoot me an email and tell me a little bit more about your DSLR… I REALLLLY want one… :)

  2. Adorable kiddos…. but you already knew that!

  3. You kiddos have such pretty eyes!

  4. The shots turned out great. The natural lighting on the indoor shots is something I am jealous of. We only have one window facing the right way for natural light… so that means I can usually only take shots on Saturdays.

    Your kids have such gorgeous eyes. I am always drawn in by my kids’ deep brown eyes, but I also love greenish blue that your kids seem to have.

  5. They are so cute! The pictures and the kids! 😉

  6. Great shots. Perfect spring pictures! I’m tempted to buy a DSLR myself, but can’t justify it just yet.

  7. I LOVE THEM ALL! Your kids have the PRETTIEST eyes! :)

    …and this post is NOT helping my gotta-have-a-new-camera-now syndrome! 😉

  8. Eyes are my favorite parts of portraits and what beautiful eyes your kiddos have!

  9. Awesome shots! Your kids are such naturals!

  10. I just LOVE it when that happens…although I feel like for me it happens all to rarely!! Your pics are wonderful!! Love them!

  11. Great lighting! They are both sooo stinking cute, love these pictures! Enjoy spring break!

  12. They are so cute! Little miss is growing into a sweet little girl! Not so baby anymore!

  13. Aww, you did great! These are so much better than half the ‘pro’ shots I see. Adorable kiddos, adorable photos 😉

  14. Love all of these! They are so cute!

    I have that doormat, btw! 😉

  15. Great shots! Makes me want to start practicing! lol!

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