DIY Framed Letter Photo Art

Framed Letter Photo Art makes the perfect gift and it’s crazy affordable! I first saw the idea on Pinterest via Shanty 2 Chic and I knew I was going to make it.
My friend was having a baby I wanted to do this as a gift. I followed most of the instructions on Shanty 2 Chic however I was completely unprepared for the large size it was coming to be, SO I made some changes and thought I would share.
  • I started with 6 3×5 Frames from the Dollar Store. I made sure to get some that were wood so the paint would apply nicely and had a little embellishment so they weren’t totally boring and flat. Finding 6 identical frames at the Dollar Store can take some time so just be prepared :)
    (The original idea is to use 4×6 frames but as I laid them out, I realized this was going to be a bigger project than I anticipated so I shrunk it waaaaay down)
  • Next, I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of 2ft by 4ft, 1/4 inch thick piece of MDF, the entire board was $5.30. I had them cut an 8 inch by 30 inch piece and that is the board for the back of the letters. Just measure your frames and add a few inches for a border. (The original idea was to use an 4 ft 8 x 10 which is really quite large which is why I opted for something smaller)Here’s the thinness of the board:

  • Then I spray painted the board and the frames using Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Sweet Pea and I already had the Heirloom White, same colors as the original idea. The options are endless here but I figured for a baby girl, the pink and white were perfect.
I did 2 coats of each to make sure I totally covered the pieces and let them dry for a few hours. While they were drying, I picked my letters. Check out this Flickr site for Letter Art or you can even photograph your own.When choosing the letters, I had to pick letters that were not close up because when I resized them to my desired 3×5, they resized and I would lose part of the letter.

Here’s what I mean, see how much of the “H” was lost when trying to use this picture, cropping to a 3×5:
This letter was obviously unusable for this project.
Now, here is the “H” I was able to successfully reduce to the desired size because there was more space to crop out. This is the original picture:
 Here is where I am cropping/resizing it to a 3×5 size. You can see how it enlarges and zooms in on the letter but I was able to use the whole letter.
 Once I had all my letters picked and cropped, I printed them on regular printer paper, right out of Picasa. I was able to print 4 letters on 1 page.
  •  Snapped off this little part from the back of the frame
  •  Cut my letters out and put them in the frames like this
Laid all my pics out on my board and hot glued them one by one. I used a lot of glue, because I have issues. You can probably do a little dab on each corner and be fine.
And the finished product!
It was a fun surprise gift for a surprise baby shower and we used it as decor for the room. You can easily add a wall hanger to the back of this board. I leaned it against the wall and it was really cute.


I will definitely be doing this again, it was fun, easy, affordable, and made the perfect gift!
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  1. That is adorable! The perfect shower gift! Thanks for linking up to the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. You are SO crafty now!!! I must admit I’m a bit jealous. I wish I had time to do the fun stuff you do. Thanks for the idea!! In my next chapter when I’m a part time working Mommy, I’m totally doing this! :)

  3. This is SUPER cute!! Thanks so much for sharing at Two Sasters:)

  4. super duper cute idea – and I think I could even do it, and that’s saying a lot 😉

    I may have to do this for my friend who is expecting :)

  5. How adorable! :) I think I may be able to handle this one, lol.

  6. Katherine this looks awesome! Great job!

  7. That’s so cute and fun! :) I love Shanty to Chic! I wish I could whip up handmade furniture like the do!

  8. Very sweet and it does look super easy. Even I might be able to handle that!

  9. I absolutely love this craft! I just found out that I’m going to be a great-aunt, and as soon as we know the sex and name of the baby, I’m totally making this for my niece and great-niece/nephew!

    I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Visit my blog to collect!

  10. It’s a deal. Load up the ginger ale! Hey, I love your blog. I’m sorry I don’t comment often, but I’m not too artsy craftsy and don’t know what to say, except, non-stop, Hmm, maybe I can do this. Sometimes I actually do! Thanks!

  11. perfect gift!!

  12. I know I’ve already commented on this post, but wanted to remind you to link up to my Sunday Pins to Projects linky party :)

  13. That is beautiful and I love the idea. I like primitive home decor so I wonder if something along the more “rustic” line for a boy’s name would look good. Hmmm, now you’ve got me thinking!

  14. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. So cute. What a fun and personalized gift… I love how it is framed and how all of the letters look together. I would love it if you would stop by and share at Lines Across.

    Have a wonderful week,

  16. Wow, that is super cute! I love it!
    Stopping by from Amber’s linky :)

  17. Good gracious you sure are crafty! LOVE this, I want to try!

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