Surf Birthday Party Part 2.

I’ve already shared the awesome decor for the kids Surf Party, if not go here to see the decor in detail.
I’ve actually decided to sell some of my party decor in my etsy shop so if you’re looking for anything, banners, food place cards, favor tags, just let me know :)
Now I have to share the pics of the people that made the day so special.
 Trouble maker!
 Just enjoying the day!
 I think Braden is in love….
Braden, Brian, and Barbie
 Sea Shell hunt in the front yard
 Braden enjoying his cake…and sharing with Daddy
 Kaylin blowing out her candle like Popeye
 The kiddos with their favors. Adorable right?!
I seem to have lost my rank over at Top Mommy Blogs so if you could click this link really really quickly you’d be doing me a huge favor! THANKS!!!
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  1. I LOVE the sea shell hunt idea!!! You are awesome! I love, love it all! :)

  2. Love it all!

  3. You’re so creative with your party ideas! They look like they had so much fun.

  4. more fun pics from a super cool party!!!

    LOVE the pic of you and the hubby! ya’ll look wonderful and happy together!!!

  5. You and your family are gorgeous!

  6. squeeeeeeee totally adorable!! I can’t get over how long Kaylin’s hair has gotten – she’s a doll. Your whole family is so perfect and you are looking goooood, mama!!! Great party :)

  7. Too cute! I love the expression on Braden’s face with the little girl.

  8. looks like a fun time was had by all! Stopping by to say Hi from W.W. linky @ Create-with-joy.

  9. So cute! Looks like so much fun! You look amazing, no way you had two kids!!

  10. Sea shell hunt is brilliant and I love the pic of Braden in love:)

  11. Looks FUN!

  12. How cute! When he’s sneaking the soda, Braden doesn’t even look guilty of being caught! And Kaylin looks VERY relaxed on that lawn chair.

  13. Looks like a blast. What a fun celebration!

  14. That picture of you and your hubby is adorable!!!

  15. Aw fun!! Looks like there was lots of friends and loved ones there to celebrate! And that pic of you and the hubs?!?!? GIRL!!!! How are you so skinny and cute after two kiddos! LUCKY!!!

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