How to Keep your Christmas Tree Alive


1) Have the Tree Farm: Trim Up the Trunk (Remove any low branches) and Cut a Fresh Base
The trimming will help the tree fit into those pain in the arse Christmas Tree holders and save you from any last minute in home trims. Been There…Done That. The hubs is not a fan of breaking out the saw and jamming the tree into a hole it doesn’t fit into so have the tree farm do the work. The Fresh Cut Base will keep your tree alive longer.

2) IMPORTANT: WATERING – Use WARM Water while watering the tree. Cold water will harden the sap, preventing your tree from absorbing the water = Dying early. Use Warm Water, Daily about 2-3 cups.

3) Use Christmas Tree Preservatives: You know that little white bottle they sell everywhere. Use it. It works. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s $1.99 and it will help keep your tree alive longer. I’ve done it with and without, it works.

4) Do NOT: Use Aspirin, Hair Spray (Yes, people do this!) or Bleach. I know people swear by bleach, I’ve never used it but I’ve read in several forums that bleach will turn your tree a different color.

After years of practice I have found that these steps work the best for keeping your tree alive. We get our tree Thanksgiving weekend and it lasts until New Years. Hope these tips help!

This is my first post in regards to Christmasing Tips and Tricks, stay tuned!


  1. Good tips!

  2. I never knew about the cold water! I have a fake tree now that I’m divorced (I’m allergic) but that would have been helpful knowledge before!

  3. Awesome, thank you!!

  4. I usually cut my own tree down and never had to worry about this but this is my first year buying off a tree lot so thanks for the help!

  5. warm water totally makes sense! so glad i read this. :)

  6. I can’t wait to begin my real tree tradition. Not this year, but soon! Thanks for the tips!

  7. I’ve never had a real tree so I didn’t realize people used bleach or hairspray on it! I can’t begin to think anyone ever would. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Thank you for the tips.

  9. nice tip—and the part about using cold water makes sense!

  10. Never knew about the warm water! I wonder if the preservatives would hurt pets. We always have an artificial tree but I’d like to have a live one sometime. I always had one when I was little!

  11. Honestly the major reason we don’t get a real tree anymore is because it doesn’t last! Thanks for the tips, I never knew to water with warm water!

  12. I never thought about using warm water. Definitely have to try that out! :)

  13. great tips – thanks!

  14. Great tips, I never knew to use warm water! Oh and I’ve heard to use some kind of sugar water like sprite or something… true? I’m curious!

  15. I never knew about the warm water….makes sense. Although I am in FL so tap water is room temp because well – its not cold here much….does it need to be warmer then room temp I wonder?

  16. Thanks so much for sharing this. Had NO idea about the warm water. Last year we got a Scottish Spruce. Not only was it spikey as anything, but the needles fell off like crazy after 3 weeks. It was a Charlie Brown tree. Hahaha. I will refer to your tips this year. :)

  17. Jaime Brown says:

    This is awesome, we try to put up our tree early but now it won’t die on us, thank you for sharing your tips I will definitely have to try them:)

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