PomLove – Tissue Paper PomPom Decor

A week ago I showcased my Irish themed baby shower and shared the amazing sponsor PomLove who created all of the Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s that brilliantly tied all of the decor together.

Here’s how the PomPom’s looked at the shower:

They were the most amazing accents for this party. They add height, depth, color, and fun. For this shower we used the Mixed Greens tissue Paper Pom Poms. They were PERFECT! There were light and dark shades.

Mixed Greens ... 10 tissue paper poms // wedding ceremony // housewarming party // dinner party // paper decorations
They come in a box and all the hard work is done for you. All I had to do was fluff them out, add the string, and hang them wherever the decor needed to be spruced up. The mixed package was great because there were 10 pom poms mixed in size and color. 
ALSO! PomLove supplied this amazing confetti, in coordinating colors, that was PERFECT to really tie all the tables together. 
You can see how much flare the confetti added. They added color accents to each area and kept the theme flowing through the shower.
PomLove has a HUGE selection of Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s and I have to share a few of my favorites in her shop. 
The PINK’S! How awesome would these be for a baby girl baby shower
Pink, Indubitably ...10 tissue paper poms // diy kit // wedding // birthday // party decorations // pinkalicious // princess
 I think this Ocean colored set is my favorite:
Over Oceans ... 10 tissue paper poms // beach wedding // nursery decoration // birthday party // engagement // decorations
 What about an amazing Aqua Tissue Paper Garland!
Aqua Love ... diy tissue paper pom garland // nursery // weddings // birthdays // party decorations
Oh and the Confetti! This tissue paper metallic silver confetti would be perfect to sprinkle on tables at a Wedding.
Metallic Silver Confetti ...  Large bag // tissue paper confetti // wedding decorations // table decoration // new years eve party
I can’t say enough good things about PomLove and her amazing Tissue Paper decor. If you’re planning a party any time soon, get your order in with her now. You will not be disappointed and I promise! PROMISE that everyone will be blown away by your party decor when you go with PomLove.


  1. Those are amazing I wouldn’t have thought it was just puffed up paper. x

  2. Wow! Those look really good! They bring a lot to the party decor!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I think the Ocean is my favorite set too…and the aqua!! They’re so fun and pretty!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! Xoxox

  4. Now THAT is really neat! I’ve seen these types of decorations before but definitely not to this degree of vibrancy! I completely agree that the decorations added so much depth and dimension to your party :)

    I think the aqua set is my favorite, too ^.^

  5. Wow, these are sooooo cute! I love them, and they add so much to the decor!

  6. Those are gorgeous! I’m about to start planning my son’s first birthday party, and I’m going to check Pom Love out. Thank you!

  7. Those are so cute. Great idea!

  8. I love the vibrant colors of these!

  9. Those are SO pretty! I remember making pom poms out of kleenex when I was little :) Those are much better lol. Pinning :)

  10. SO awesome to not have to make them myself!!! I really LOVE the confetti size and the garland is so sweet! jennyatdapperhouse

  11. Those are so simple and yet so pretty. What a great idea.

  12. LOVE! Love the confetti, love it all! How are those cute kiddos doing?

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  14. gorgeous! I love that they do all the hard work – I’m not crafty at all!

  15. Wow I love those! You did an awesome job with the shower. I would love to have those at one of our baby showers.

  16. Wow, how beautiful! I would love to showcase PomPom for my daughters wedding next year…wow those are so unique!

  17. I love the Poms! They would look so cute in the room my girls share!

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