Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Where I’ve been!

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve actually sat down and written a blog post. I’ve been doing a lot of amazing giveaways/reviews lately so even though I’m here, I haven’t really been here. My apologies friends. I couldn’t let a St. Patrick’s Day slip by without a post so I’m back!

St. Patrick’s Day is a HUGE holiday for us, we call it Sullivan’s Day and for as many years as I can remember, we celebrate big! This year was different. No party *gasp* I know. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, (which you totally should: RadKatSulli) you have seen a few of the updates happening in the Sullivan family. BIG UPDATES!

We’ll start with the job change, the hubby got a job at one of the top universities in the world: STANFORD! Pretty darn amazing news for us and I’m so proud of him.

We got the offer on a Thursday night and that meant we needed pack, find a new place to live, move, and sell our house. Within a few days, we had a for sale sign at the house and we were moving on up.

Selling our house was hard to come to grips with. I’m SO thankful I blogged through the stages of my time here because I can go back and reminisce about those wonderful memories. I agonized over the paint colors in my kids room for months. I brought my baby boy home here. I wrote our name in the cement in the back. The tree in the front was a gift from Kaylin and Brian planted on my first mothers day. Not to mention both kids took their first steps here, the many holidays we celebrated, first birthday parties, baby showers and many St. Patrick’s Days! It was hard to say good bye to something that holds so much of “me” but we did, and we did it fast.

So, we moved. I packed up the house and the kids (not literally but we did have a ton of fun playing with boxes 😉

And we’re searching for a new home and life is filled with a bit lot of chaos. But I know I’ll look back at this time and  remember how much of an adventure it was!

This year St. Patrick’s Day was the day our home had it’s open house. So even though we weren’t there, the house still had a party (In true Sullivan style!) Now the really great thing about moving is we’re closer than ever to family. It’s hard living so far apart from family but I’m about 25 minutes from my awesome grandparents, and maybe 15 minutes from Brian’s entire family. It’s been nice not to have to drive 1.5 hours home after visiting with them and we’ve seen them ALL since we’ve been back.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with the Sullivan family and we drove home…15 minutes away. Our new life is looking pretty darn good. So to my many friends, thank you for the wonderful wishes of encouragement and support. I’m always so grateful when I get an email from a bloggy friend checking in with me and seeing where I am. I’m always “here” even if I’m not here so thanks for always being loyal to me and my family!

And on actual St. Patrick’s Day, we went to some open houses where the kids truly enjoyed testing out everyone’s backyards!

Everything is ok as long as I have my family with me. Here’s to many more memories to come!


  1. Wow great for you guys! Stanford of all places. That’s amazing. Congrats! Glad you’ve finally given a bit of an update. I’ve been wondering. Also, I’m not following you on Instagram :)

  2. Oh my goodness you’ve been busy! Congrats to Brian on te new job!! A belated St. Patrick’s, erm Sullivan’s Day to you. I hope you find a new home very soon.

  3. Sooo happy for you! As I type this through teary eyes. You memories touched my heart. I know EXACTLY what you’re going through, as I’ll be doing the same thing in a few months. Lots of love to you and I’m SO happy you’re closer to everyone you love now. Can’t wait to get some Katie time in…..in a few months. :)

  4. Congrats to y’all!!! I know the move is exhausting though. Enjoy it and good luck finding a new home.

  5. wow so many exciting changes. Congrats on the job change for your hubby and move – I know you’ll handle it with grace and those adorable sweet little faces :)

  6. congratulations on your husband’s new job and the house! so exciting! it is so wonderful you have all the memories documented (and so sweet they got you a tree one year for mother’s day)! wishing you tons of luck and sending lots of love xoxo

  7. That is so awesome! What a great opportunity for your husband! Hope you find a great house soon!

  8. Wow that really is exciting! Congratulations!

  9. Congrats on your husband’s new job! Best of luck to you!

  10. Congrats its a big step and move loves the article

  11. Congrats!! I wish you all the best of luck with everything!

  12. Wow! That is amazing! I know it is hard to say goodbye to the old home, but think of all the new memories you will make at the new one!

  13. Finding the right house could be tedious. But it also means blessings.

  14. Congrats girl!
    That is amazing news! Good Luck with finding a fab house!

  15. I had been waiting for a post like this from you :) The kids look as darling as ever! I am so glad that the move went well. Congrats to your hubby and all of you on the new job! That is so great you are closer to family!! xo

  16. Congratulations on the move! It is bittersweet to leave a house where your family have grown but I agree that this is going to be a new adventure for you.

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