Life Cycle of a Blogger

—-This following is the Life Cycle of a Blogger—-

When you start to blog, you’re excited. You post every day. Maybe even twice. You’re addicted.

Your first comment! OMG, WOW, someone somewhere read your blog! Wahooooo.

You share your post on Facebook and see that 5 people read your blog post. You’re ecstatic.

You watch your analytics like crazy. 30 visitors in 1 day, OMG!

You make blog friends. Bloggers that started blogging at same time you did. Bloggers that have a baby due when you do. Bloggers you are similar to. You’re best bloggy friends now.

You love each other. You comment on every single post of each others.

You post your friends buttons and add their blogs to your blog roll. You now refer to them as BBFF (Bloggy BFF’s)

You get awards like chain mail and you tag all your bloggy friends in the posts.

You join blog hops and start getting more followers and more comments. You become addicted.

You post about how awesome and supportive the blogging community is. Group Hug!

You redesign your blog 100 times. It’s never as good as thatsuperawesomeblogger but you don’t want to pay a pro to design it. It’s ok. 

You add a blog hop page to your blog. (You delete it later after you’re over blog hops)

You start an email,  Facebook page and a Twitter for your blog. ALL the big blogs do it.

You try to figure out Twitter, you hate it but keep it so people can follow you there.

You get a new camera and photoshop to make your pictures as awesome as everyone elses. Your pictures still suck.

You join Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets. Everybody does it.

You enter giveaways like a mad man with the 1/100000 chance you might win something.

You win something! It’s small, like a bag of beef jerky or a t-shirt. But it’s AWESOME. You’re addicted.

Then, IT happens. You get your first offer to host a review or a giveaway. You’ve officially made it. You’re a big blogger now. The giveaway goes perfect,  you got lots of new followers and some free stuff. #Bloggerslovefreestuff  You’re addicted.

You post a craft or a recipe. Look out world, You got Pinned! *Happy Dance*  You’re addicted.

You get asked a question from a newbie blogger. You’ve officially graduated from little blogger to big blogger. Congratulations!

You lose some BBFF’s. They stop blogging or they stop visiting. You don’t know why.

You make new BBFF’s.

Then, IT happens again. You get an asked to sell some advertising space. You’re making it RAIN with that $5 button you just sold. You’re addicted.

You join a bloggy facebook group. You all love each other. Everyone is awesome and supportive.

You buy your own domain name! All the bloggers do it. You’re big leagues now.

You join a huge group giveaway. An iPad maybe. You get hundreds of new followers. You’re addicted.

You’re a serious blogger now. You know all about RSS feeds, UMV, and Analytics.

You write random blog post about where you’ve been and how you’re back now. Maybe you do this several times throughout your absence.

You get a sponsored post. $15 to post about {insert any random topic} Fertilizer maybe. It totally makes sense to post on your blog. You like fertilizer.

You realize you can make money blogging. Some people make this their job! You Google how to make money blogging. You add blogger to your resume.

You stop posting about your family, you only post about group giveaways, sponsored posts, and blog hops. Your followers goes up. You’re addicted.

You fail your BBFF’s and totally stop commenting on their blogs. Bad bloggy friend.

You join Instagram. It’s so much easier to post a pic to instagram then write a blog post.You assume everyone follows you and know what’s happening in your life. You’re wrong.

You have a moment of peace and clarity and decide that you no longer want to do group giveaways or sponsored posts. You’re bringing it back to the basics.

Until that next group giveaway or sponsored post has to be written.

The Life Cycle of a blogger will be different for everyone but this is my story.


  1. Funny post. Yeah, that’s about how it goes. :-)

  2. Hahhaha funny but true!!!

  3. Aww, I laughed out lout and cried a little bit. It’s something I think every blogger can resonate with, it’s a lot of work, yet I still get the excited feelings of comments, likes, shares, pins….and think I always will(:
    Great post!

  4. Hahaha truth! So funny…. gotta love blogging!

  5. I’m quite certain you have nailed all of us in one way or another. I was reading and thinking OMG HOW DOES SHE KNOW ME???? he he he :)

    This was a fun/good/true post.

  6. Yep. I am now trying to write more about me like I used to. And also write content reviews. I don’t do group giveaways unless I don’t have to post about it and it fits my family niche. What a strange world to navigate – this blogging world. I love this post.

  7. Hahaha, So true!

  8. Haha! Great post! So true! :) I’ve been up and down that road a few times with a few different blogs. 😉

  9. wow…GREAT post. SO…TRUE:D

  10. Love it! So very true – and I’m still addicted 😉

  11. Haha, I love this!

  12. LOL… Love this…

  13. haha this is way too familiar!!

  14. ohmygosh, i loved this.
    i hope you’re doing well! <3<3

  15. Oh my goodness, I found myself nodding and getting a little weepy. Awesome post from beginning to end, to beginning again!

  16. I was smiling and laughing throughout the post! This is sensational!

  17. And the cycle begins again!
    Hello new blogging friend:)
    Hope to never let you down

  18. LOL! Mine is almost like that BUT I don’t really do the big group giveaways.

  19. Love it, lol! It’s quite true. I tried to buy my own domain…gave google $10 but it still says blogspot…..maybe one day I will learn :)

  20. You can do all sorts of things and still be true to yourself and write with your own personality and flair. Dont be discouraged when opportunities and “BBFFS” come and go…like you said, it is a cycle and you have to do what you love and what you think your readers will love which is always changing and growing ! I LOVE YOU BLOG!! – jenny at dapperhouse

  21. LOL I love it! It sounds just like me! Great post!

  22. You hit this out of the park!

  23. Hahaha, great post dear friend!! xoxo

  24. I love this so much. I have only had my blog for 3 months. I have had sponsored posts, group giveaways, my own smaller giveaways, joined umpteen groups of FB bloggers. I am just waiting until I can get that great product that I have been dying for but would never buy. I think I will ish my pants when I do! Happy blogging :)

  25. This is a glimpse into most bloggers lives… as I read each thing listed, I could feel myself nodding in agreement. Good post:)

  26. Funny but true post!

  27. Sounds really close to my blogging world. Glad it is not just me. I realized that I am so busy trying to keep up with all my groups and keep my numbers up (or down-Alexa) that I don’t have time to post about our homeschool and what the children are doing and keep in contact with the bloggers I was originally “friends” with. Not sure how to get back to what is important.

  28. Talk about a grand slam home run! I could relate to so much. And I smiled along the way. Love your sense of humor!

    Happy Easter!

  29. So many of the blogs I follow now mostly only blog about give away stuff or advertisements. I don’t read any of those posts. I follow to read content.

    It’s interesting to note that personalized advertising has become predominant it seems in just the last few years as a result of bloggers.

  30. LOL. Sounds about right!! 😀

  31. Great post! Thanks for the laughs!

  32. Hahahahaa! This is so true!!!

  33. WOW! I guess this just goes to show that we all go through the same things :).

  34. LOL too funny..probably because it’s true :)

  35. SO funny and yet SO very true!

  36. Great post! I found myself somewhere around the first quarter of the cycle, so it was interesting to look into the crystal ball of what my bloggy future could be! :) Thanks for your unabashed perspective!

  37. HAHAHA that’s hilarious! So much of that is so true too.

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