My little Picky Eaters, just like me. #TysonPickyEaters

I’m a picky eater. There. I said it. Now I really shouldn’t wonder where my kids get their pickiness from but, I do. Before I was a mom, I swore up and down I would give my kids fruits and veggies, nothing but the healthiest and the best for my little mini me.

My daughter, she started out really well. She would eat anything I gave her, it was glorious. As time went on, I was much more lenient with what she ate and eventually she developed her own taste for what her favorites were. She still eats well, loves fruits and veggies, but slowly she would choose less fruits and veggies, more crackers and cheese.

Now, my son, totally different story. I couldn’t get the kid to eat anything as a baby. No pears or peas as a baby for him. Oh no, it was milk or nothing. Slowly I started finding things he would like, fruit oatmeal and yogurt are a hit and now he’s almost two, and they’re pretty much still the only thing he likes. Any other food I give him, he literally looks like I tried to poison him. It’s a struggle and it makes me feel like a failure that my kids doesn’t eat as well as other kids. I try, I give him everything healthy and I even tried smoothies. Nothing worked.

Until now, I have a trick. I will make it fun! I’ll dress it up, put it in a fun container, on a fun plate, or in a fun muffin tin. I change it up every day so it’s new and never boring. My secret weapon is to have my daughter sit with him so he can watch her eat and almost instinctively, he follows her lead. Tyson Chicken Nuggets are a must have in my house. BOTH my kids eat them which means they taste good and they’re healthy so even Mom is happy! So if you have a picky eater, try these out. Keep trying until you find something that works and never lose hope.

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  1. My son loves vegis and only chicken . I figured out if I played the mickey mouse club house music while he is eating dinner her will eat alot better. I think its because he is paying more attention to the music .

  2. We frequently each Tyson chicken nuggets, the quality is bar none for me. I want them to eat food that is healthy and quick. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My son is Autistic and he is a very picky eater, it is so hard to find foods he will eat, well one night I made sloppy joe sandwich’s and my husband tried to see if he would eat it, and at first he pushed it away then came and grabbed my husbands hand with the sandwich and took a bite… now he eats them..

  4. My picky 4 year old loves Tyson Nuggets too… Must be something about them :)

  5. I’m so thankful I don’t have a picky eater. My son has his “pickier” days, but all in all he eats pretty much anything (although I think he would choose gummies at every meal if I gave him the option!) haha

  6. Love Tyson Nuggets, and it’s about one of the only things my picky 4-year-old will eat!!

  7. my kids were never really that picky–NOW my daughter has started eating different–as a tween I think its more to just get under my skin than anything….like if we have pasta, she’ll complain if there’s too much sauce!
    But I have to agree Tyson anything is always a hit!!!!

  8. Muffin tin dinners are my savior since everyone can tailor their serving to their own pickiness. I have also found that if I can make it round or put it on a stick, somehow it is more appetizing to my picky eaters. Probably because it’s more fun, like you suggested.

  9. I am not a picky eater at all, I will try anything, and I love everything. But my daughter is the pickiest eater ever. She will love something one day, and hate it the next, its terrible. My son is a good eater though.

  10. i love the muffin tin idea!! and that once your son sees your daughter, he follows her lead – wonderful!
    i hope you had a wonderful st. patrick’s day!
    have a great monday! xoxo

  11. My kids were always picky too! They still are to an extent, but they are much better about it. We love Tyson!

  12. It has been a long time since I have had to deal with picky eaters. Both of mine now eat a wide variety of foods. So this too will pass. 😉

  13. My youngest is picky eater, but loves food when we rename it gross names :)

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