Write Something Funny He Says….

The other day the hubs and I were discussing the many “forks I have in the fire” and we were talking about my awesome little blog here when he says: “You should keep writing Funny Stuff.”

Ummm ok, so I know I’ve been lagging on posting here. My bad ya’lls! My forks are in the fire (My friend just used this saying and I like it) but  Mama needs to make some money, holla!

The first thing that came to mind when he said this was this:

Seriously. You all have seen Goodfellas right? Well, if you haven’t, Go Do It because this scene is hilarious.

Days go by and I don’t write anything on the blog, because I couldn’t think of anything funny to say! Talk about pressure. I considered knock knock jokes, I did. I even considered telling you one of Kaylin’s favorite jokes but it’s more 3 year old humor.

Q: “Where did the king keep his armies?”
A: “In his SLEEVIES!”

How’d I do? It’s pretty bad. I know I know. So here ya have it Husband! Here’s my “FUNNY POST” and I’ll keep hoping for some more funny inspiration.


  1. I will have to share that joke with Asher and Abbie:)

  2. Is it okay that I giggled at that joke. It’s pretty cute. Oh, significant others and their “helpful” blog advice, eh? Nothing makes me clam up more than something like, “be funny.” You just can’t force funny!

  3. Ah knock knock jokes. The epitome of lasting humor! 😉

  4. I smiled a little. Gotta love kid humor.
    I understand though. I’m not really funny ever.

  5. Haha, oh I adore you! Kaylin is darling, love kid humor and when they laugh at their own jokes. Thanks for checking in on us! xo

  6. Haha – sleevies. Perfect. I’m telling Logan when he wakes up from his nap :)

  7. Okay, I need another cup of coffee. That joke totally went over my head and I had to read it twice. Wow! That’s just bad! lol

  8. haha we all have blocks, this post made me smile.

  9. I like the joke, so did my 3 year old it made her smile.

  10. Considering I sell myself as a “humorous” blog, I’m really not that funny (don’t tell my fans that). Sometimes, the things that I don’t find funny at all have everyone else in stitches. For what it’s worth, I think you’re funny 😉

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  11. Haha! You are funny and this post put a smile on my face.

  12. Most of the time, I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny, but I can’t let it deter me. I still love to make my jokes and if I’m the only one that ends up laughing, so be it! Your post was hecka funny, though!

  13. Haha! I have to say, I do miss your regular posts, though! 😉

  14. Kelsey Apley says:

    Hahahhaha Never heard of Good Fella’s might have to check it out!!

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