Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a good old fashioned “What’s happening with me and the fam” blog post! I’ve been working, growing, evolving….and multiplying! Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the newest member of the Sullivan family, Brianne. She’s a sweet baby girl who just perfectly completes our family.¬†bn

Adjusting to life with 3 kids under 5 is so far going much better than I’d imagined. It helps that Bri is a sleepy girl so I still have open arms to cuddle my other two. Kaylin is just in love with her little sister, wants to smother hold and kiss and hug and love her as much as possible. Braden is starting to realize she’s here for the long term and has been getting closer and closer every day. At first his response was a simple poke in the cheek saying “Baby” which we took as him acknowledging her presence…and that’s about it.¬†The hubs is awesomely home helping out with everything and I do not want my hunk to have to go back to work. Ever. I don’t anticipate sleeping or being able to eat a dinner with both hands any time soon and I’m ok with that. (Or maybe that’s the coffee talking, lol)

It’s ¬†bittersweet having your “last” baby. There’s definitely some relief of not having to be pregnant again because let’s face it, being pregnant succccks. I was never a fan anyways. Labor is certainly not a walk in the park either so those are the sweets. Oh and wine, I can drink wine again – Booya! Yes, that’s surely been missed. But there is the bitter side of never holding another brand new minute old baby, the clothes that she’ll grow out of and never wear again, and just watching all of your kids grow up. Motherhood is awesome, stressful, rewarding, tiring, and overall a giant blessing that I’m forever grateful for. So now, I’m off to snuggle wuggle my newborn baby girl and watch my older two run around, pop in some Frozen and relax…as an Irish Italian Blessed FAMILY OF 5!!!


  1. You’ve been missed, Katherine! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl and welcome to the world, Brianne!

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