5 Ways to Improve the Air Quality of the Home

The air quality of your home can affect everything from breathing to energy efficiency. Dust and other particulates circulating throughout the house can clog filters, spread allergens and settle on furniture making you clean that much harder. There are several ways you can improve the quality of the air within the home without spending a great deal of money.

Outside Plant Life

Many studies show that yards with less plants often lead to increased dust within the home. By maintaining a grass lawn and other additions, you may decrease the amount of dust and particulates that enter into the home through various openings.

Indoor Plants

Some studies have shown that indoor plants can provide protection from airborne particles. Through moisture and carbon circulation within the plant itself, the overall air quality can be improved. Many homeowners have gone so far as to install living walls to maximize the plant’s influence for air control.

Furnace Filters

Clogged and damaged furnace filters can allow dust and particulates to continue circulating around the home. These units can also prevent the furnace from operating efficiently as less air is able to be heated and delivered to various rooms of the house. By keeping your heater filters properly maintained, you can greatly increase the quality of the air as well as reduce energy costs.

Dryer Hoses

As your dryer feeds an incredible amount of hot air through its ductwork, a crack or tear in these ducts could spread lint and other particulates into the air. Closely examine the hose and make sure that all tears and connections are secured. This can also help in reducing humidity within the laundry room and other areas of the home.

Microfiber Cleaning

Microfiber materials for cleaning are designed to collect dust quickly and efficiently. Other materials could spread the dust and other materials around instead of trapping them within the fiber. These cleaning materials have been found to work exceptionally well when compared to other clothes and fabrics for cleaning up small debris.

Clean air can do a great deal of good for you physically, financially and mentally. By taking the time to maintain some of these aspects, you can spend less time cleaning while keeping more money in your pocket. For asthmatics, a clean atmosphere can make an incredible difference in day-to-day activities. Give yourself and others in the home a better way to breath and feel the difference by improving the air quality.

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