Hiring a Wedding DJ or Entertainer

Fall 3

Making your wedding a truly memorable event takes a lot of planning on your part. From flowers to photographs, every detail must be worked out in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly. Nowhere is this more evident than in the DJ or entertainer you choose to hire to emcee your wedding reception. This is an important decision to make, as the quality of your entertainment can make or break the guests’ experience. It’s wise to hire a DJ or professional entertainer who gels with your style as a couple.


Entertainment Value

So much more than simply a human jukebox, your DJ keeps the party going for your guests as they navigate the dance floor, says Wenning Entertainment. Without the latest music to jazz things up, the reception would be pretty boring, so hiring someone who can keep everyone’s spirits up and encourage them to let loose on the dance floor is key. Simply put, DJs are fun. They get the crowd involved, distribute props to make the songs more interactive, and generally ensure that the whole evening goes off without a hitch.


Guest Involvement

Simply putting on music or hiring an orchestral band may add a little ambiance to your reception, but it won’t get anybody excited to dance. The goal of any great party is to bring people together in celebration. What better way to do that than with some lively entertainment? A full-service DJ, as opposed to just a person behind an MP3 player who plays hit after hit, delivers the goods when it comes to getting people involved in your special day. Guests are encouraged to request songs, keep the energy high on the dance floor and have fun catching up with others they may not have seen in awhile. Interactive DJs can also put on fun games, line dances and prop dances that really get the crowd going.


Keepsake Photos

Documenting your wedding day is just as important as any other component. Just as crucial as your guests having fun in the moment, you want to capture those moments forever to view later. Incorporating a fun DJ who can keep everyone happy and having a great time translates to hilarious photo ops that you will cherish for years to come. Photo and video can capture these moments in time so you can always look back on your guests having the time of their lives.


Song Choice

A good DJ will meet a few times with you and your spouse beforehand to ensure he or she has a list of all the songs that are important to you. You can request songs for the mother/son and father/daughter dance, go over all name spellings and pronunciations for the bridal party announcements, and make any special requests that may occur throughout the evening, such as the toast, cake cutting or bouquet throwing, says Today’s Bride.



Your DJ or entertainer isn’t just responsible for the music being played, but also for the coordination of the entire evening. Because he’s the one with the mike, your DJ announces the bridge and groom, the wedding party dances, toasts, and dinner signals to ensure your evening runs smoothly.


As you can see, there are many advantages to hiring a professional DJ or entertainer for your big day. An investment in this area will pay off later!

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