Choosing a Wedding Photography Service

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Photography is more than simply pointing a camera and pressing the button. The photos that we collect through life preserve memories and capture emotions that can be re-lived for generations to come. Photography is an art form that requires an innate talent for recognizing the perfect moments to take a shot and the right equipment and settings to make the most of each. Of all the events and milestones that a couple will go through during their lifetimes, none is likely to be more significant than their wedding day.

Evaluate Your Expectations

Regardless of how carefully you plan your wedding to be fairytale perfect, don’t expect your wedding pictures to be the same. That’s because no wedding is ever perfect from start to finish. The job of the wedding photographer is to capture those special moments that take place between the bride and groom and the ones that they missed during the actual ceremony, such as the tear of joy that drips down the face of the bride’s mother. Don’t just look for photos that you have seen hundreds of times before, only featuring different faces. Look for the special moments that took place with the loved ones as the day unfolded. It is often the unexpected moments that make the day unique and even more special.

Get to Know the Photographer

To determine if a wedding photographer is a good match for you, look at the portfolio of their previous work. Don’t settle for looking at the photos from a single wedding because you can’t judge if you are looking at the couple’s requested style or that of the photographer. A photographer that is versatile enough to take photos in a variety of styles will be able to accommodate your wishes and prevent disappointment. The ideal portfolio will contain a combination of posed and candid shots. Don’t just go with the first photographer you look at or meet with!

You will have to work with your wedding photographer throughout your wedding, from the engagement photos to the end of your reception. Don’t wait until the big day to find out if you are compatible. You should feel comfortable with them and be able to communicate easily about what you want from your wedding photos. Schedule a consultation and go prepared with a list of questions.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Package

Your choice in a wedding photographer will determine the quality and diversity of wedding photos you have to share and enjoy with each other and with future generations. In the past, photos were taken of the wedding and reception, focusing on the progression of the ceremony and traditions that many couples shared. Afterwards, pictures of the bride and groom were taken in posed group shots with the wedding party and various family members. Today, photographers tend to have different styles and techniques for taking photos that may parallel the traditional shots of the past or vary greatly from couple to couple.

Your budget will also play a role in choosing a wedding photographer. In addition to different print packages, many photographers offer a DVD with all of the photos from your wedding that you can purchase and print, as you want. You may also want to order a canvas print for a beautiful and artistic display of your special day. Make sure the wedding photographer has the options and prices that meet your preferences and your budget.

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