4 Pregnancy Changes That Are Completely Normal

Congratulations on your new life! Becoming a parent is an incredibly exciting, and anxiety-filled, time. Pregnancy can certainly take its toll on your body, providing a litany of changes by the day. If you spend time googling every new concern, you can drive yourself crazy with worry. So save yourself, and your doctor, some time, by knowing which pregnancy changes are completely normal. Included here are a few things you may experience in pregnancy which may cause you concern but are actually common occurrences.

Small Bumps on Skin
Commonly known as “skin tags,” those small bumps on the skin are more likely to appear during pregnancy. These little bumps, similar to moles, are actually quite harmless and develop as a result of chafing or weight changes. Skin tags are often passed down genetically, so you may just be predisposed to the unsightly little things.

Removal of skin tags is extremely safe and can be done while pregnant if you consult with your healthcare provider. Keep in mind, they are not evidence of any kind of disease or dangerous condition and do not require removal. Most people choose removal only for cosmetic purposes.

Feeling Out of Breath
Growing a baby is a great deal of work! They say pregnancy can be compared to an extremely long marathon for the strain it puts your body through. Others have said it is like a difficult mountain climb; where the closer you get to the end, the higher the elevation and the thinner the air! One area of your body that may feel different is your respiratory system.

Your lungs are going to have to function on overtime to consume enough oxygen for you and your healthy baby. Add to this the compression of having a small being pushing on your organs and you will likely find yourself out of breath! This is not a sign of any complications, just a normal side effect of growing another human.

Higher Resting Heart Rate
Your cardiovascular system is going to be put through its paces during your pregnancy adventure. Your body will be producing a higher volume of blood, increasing the size of your blood vessels and pumping blood nonstop. This can result in a higher resting heart rate than you would have noticed pre-pregnancy. While this is typically a common side effect, contact your doctor if you have concern.

Daily Heartburn
Being pregnant means consuming a greater amount of calories and nutrients throughout the day. However, the space your stomach previously occupied is now being filled up with a baby; your internal organs and gastrointestinal system are being pushed up under your ribs! All of this moving and shaking results in heartburn, constipation and acid reflux.

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