Getting Your First AC

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Getting Your First AC



If you want to keep cool this summer, an air conditioner is your best option. Air conditioners cool the air inside your home and allow you to be comfortable no matter how hot it is outside. If you are buying your first AC unit, there are several things you should consider before you make the purchase.


Energy Efficiency

According to AC Houston, a provider of affordable AC repair, many people struggle to keep their home cool without running up their electric bill. Energy efficient AC’s were designed to help with that problem. Energy efficient AC’s are also better for the environment. If you think an energy-efficient AC is right for you, you will need to check the box or manual for each AC unit you are interested in. Window units are usually more energy efficient than central air units.



You will need to do routine maintenance on your AC if you want it to last a long time. If you aren’t able to do the maintenance yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you. As with anything else, hiring a professional will cost more than performing maintenance yourself. If you are able to maintain your AC yourself, do so with extreme caution, knowing when to call in assistance. It is best to clean and do routine maintenance at least once a year. AC units with removable front plates are the easiest to maintain yourself.



When you shop for your first AC, consider the installation it will require. Some units fit into windows and are easy to install. They just require the owner to affix the air conditioner to the window and plug it in. You will need to know the measurements of your window opening to ensure that the AC you buy will fit in the window. If you choose to by a central AC unit—one that pumps cool air underneath your home and through the vents—you will need to have a professional install it.


Cooling Capacity

You will need to choose an AC that is large enough to cool your home or a particular room in your home. Cooling capacity is measured in BTU’s and you can find the BTU’s of an AC by reading the box it is sold in. Most boxes also explain how many square feet a certain amount of BTU’s will cool. If you do not purchase an AC that is powerful enough to cool your home or a room, the AC may have to work harder than what it was designed for. This over-exertion could damage the unit. While this may seem like a given, buying a unit that’s too small will result in the space you are trying to cool never being as cool and comfortable as you would like.


If you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the hot months of the year, you will need to purchase and install an AC. AC shopping can be time consuming, and you should think carefully about the AC you wish to purchase before you buy it. By taking the time to choose an AC that is right for your home and your family, you will get the most for your money and have less trouble in the long run. All AC’s are different, but there is one that is perfect for your home.


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