Improving Your Studio Apartment

With rent prices high, many people are finding themselves in tiny studio apartments that feel crowded and look bland. It can be a difficult task to use your small apartment space effectively and add personality without breaking any lease clauses. Studio apartments are an even greater challenge since the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are really all the same space. Luckily, there are plenty of space-saving creative ideas that resourceful studio apartment dwellers have discovered, which will add unique flair to your space.

Lighting is Your Friend

Letting in as much light as possible will make your studio apartment feel larger and look cleaner. If you have a window, avoid putting up thick and heavy curtains over it. Install extra light fixtures wherever possible. You can even string Christmas lights or fairy lights around the ceiling if you want.

Furniture Placement & Apartment Flow

To keep your studio from looking cluttered, think about how you use the space and place furniture accordingly. According to GulfLand Structures, a provider of offshore accommodations, furniture can be used as convenient space dividers since there are no walls. But make sure to leave yourself with a clear walkway, as constantly tripping over furniture is bound to make the apartment feel cluttered.

Invest in Flexible Furniture

With the limited space, having furniture that can easily be moved around or even stored in a wall can make a big difference. Many small studio dwellers find creative ways to stack spaces or add elements that fold into walls. Beds, chairs, and sofas that have storage capacity or other multipurpose uses are your friends.

Get Creative with Storage

A studio apartment can seem like a nightmare if you have a lot of things, but you can actually use your hunt for extra storage space as inspiration for decoration. To add a splash of color and keep yourself organized, add shelving and colorful baskets to store items. Find yourself a good looking chest and use it as a coffee table or storage space. Hide things in drawers underneath the bed or inside chairs that double as storage units.

Play with Color and Theme

Your studio apartment can be given a unified feel by playing with a color or theme. Try to choose one theme, object, or color to base the decoration scheme on, because adding too many different elements can make the space feel chaotic.

Add Plants

A great way to add color and life into the apartment is to bring in a few plants. Not only are they nice decorative elements, they’ve actually been proven to improve productivity, and they’ll keep the air fresh and clean.

Find Some Good Artwork

Artwork can be easily incorporated and serve as the inspiration for the entire design scheme of the apartment. A good piece of art can also be used to divide space, rather than putting up bulky dividers that will make the space feel more cramped.

Go Vertical

With a small floor space, utilizing verticals is more important than ever. Use all of the wall space that you can get, and conquer the regions of the roof. It’s the perfect place to add a ceiling-hanging clothes rack, put hooks up for bike storage, or add design elements. Any shelving units can go right to the top of the roof. If you’re really clever and tight on space, you may even find a way to get your bed up in the air.

This article was contributed on behalf of GulfLand Structures, a provider of Living Quarters Offshore. Check out their website today and see how they can provide your offshore project with great living quarters.