Romance in Atlanta

Whether you’re newlyweds spending your honeymoon in Atlanta or a longtime couple looking for places to rekindle your romance, you’ll find plenty of romantic places and activities in the capitol city of Georgia. From horse and carriage rides to cozy dinners to romantic hotel getaway packages, the options are enticing. In fact, this beautiful southern destination offers so many possibilities that you may soon find yourselves scheduling romantic trips to Atlanta on a regular basis.

Enjoy the Symphony

Holding hands as you listen to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is an ideal way to spend an evening. This hub of talent holds more than 200 performances annually, so you should be able to enjoy one of its events while you’re in town. You can appreciate this award winning group of musicians and vocalists from the 12,000 seat amphitheater, which first opened in 2008.

Take a Garden Stroll

You can find many moments of intimacy while strolling along the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This spectacular local garden spot provides exciting events throughout the year. You can feast your eyes to a wide variety of plant and flower collections indoors, including orchids, South American plants, and plants from both the desert and equatorial regions. The outdoor exhibits are just as magnificent, and they include flower and plant varieties such as hydrangeas, cobra lilies, hardy palms, and edible vegetables.

Visit a Winery

Few activities are more romantic than visiting a winery. If you’re a wine connoisseurs, the Winery at Chateau Elan will certainly not leave you disappointed. You can choose from a broad assortment of events at this winery, from cooking classes to wine tastings to painting sessions as you sip wine and relax. If you’re considering places to propose marriage, the Chateau Elan winery may provide the perfect backdrop to do it.

Take a Carriage Ride

Going on a carriage ride is one of the most romantic things to do in the world, and you can schedule one with Atlanta Carriages. The Rockaway carriage has room for two adults, so you won’t need to share your special ride with others. This carriage is entirely enclosed, making it an ideal choice regardless of the time of the year.

Share a Meal for Two

If you’re going to share a dinner for two, you might want to have a spectacular view to make everything memorable. As such, Canoe is the perfect dinner for romantic couples, since its nestled conveniently near the edges of the Chattahoochee River. Furthermore, their extensive menu offers tempting appetizers like jumbo crab cakes, as well as delicious entrees like roasted halibut, and desserts you won’t want to miss, like the sweet potato crème brulee. The restaurant’s river garden is an elegant setting for any wedding reception.

Book a Romantic Getaway Package

When you’re planning a romantic getaway, you’ll want to make sure that you stay in the right hotel. The Ellis Hotel offers romantic packages to suit your needs. A boutique hotel such as the Ellis provides much more than just a room to sleep in when you’re in the area. Impeccable service, a charming environment, and luxury amenities such as bathrooms with natural limestone floors and granite countertops all contribute to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Atlanta is an excellent destination if you seek romance. Whether you just started dating or have been together for decades, you will find much to do in this lovely southern city. Sparking or rekindling your romance is easy to do in the capitol city of Georgia.