Spice & Herb Storage Containers

Vaping with dried herbs enhances your experience, but only if you have high quality, well-stored products. Although most people think of cannabis when herbs and vaping is mentioned, there are many different herbs that can be used with your vaporizer to get different experiences. Storing those herbs correctly adds to its lifespan and effects, so don’t waste your money by keeping herbs on the counter or in your car—store them correctly.

Storing Herbs for Vaping

Although herbs need lots of sunlight, air, and water while they are growing, these elements can in turn damage the dried herbs. It might seem counterintuitive, but the drier your herbs are when they go into your vaporizer, the better they work. In this case, more moisture does not mean better performance. Just like for cooking, dried herbs and spices are best kept away from heat and light in airtight containers. It’s not a good idea to keep them in the freezer or refrigerator either.

You can dry herbs in a paper bag, but storing in that container doesn’t protect very well against air, since the essential oils of the herbs will break down quicker. A plastic bag makes a good short term storage solution. However, it isn’t the most effective way to store herbs.

Grinding Herbs

Herbs work better in a vaporizer when they’re almost powdery, and grinding increases flavor. Grinding your herbs all at once might save you time, but it’s better to get what you need for a couple of days at most. Having a grinder specifically for your vaping herbs maintains their integrity, but you could use basic kitchen equipment to grind them up as an alternative. However, finding a proper grinder provides a consistent grind, giving you a better burn. Don’t use your fingers to grind your herbs, however, since it will reduce its general potency.

Know Your Herbs

Learn which herbs give you different flavors and effects—for example, peppermint is very refreshing and it is said to relieve muscle spasms. Lavender, in turn, is thought to be an anti-depressant and because of its sedative properties, many people use it to enhance their sleep experience. Hops, which are commonly associated in making beer, can be mixed with cannabis for enhanced flavor. Sage is thought to help treat the symptoms of a cold.

Even though most herbs are not regulated substances, some can have detrimental effects when used with prescription medication or when you have certain conditions. For example, myrrh can lower your blood sugar, so if you are diabetic and take other medication to keep your blood sugar low, the combined effect could be bad for your health. Make sure you know its effects before using it on your vaporizer.

Always be careful when using different herbs—store them correctly to get the most out of them when vaping. After making an investment in herbs, make sure they’re properly cared for to preserve their potency. The herbs might be dry, but there’s still a lot of essential oils locked in its leaves and buds. Regardless of the reason you use these herbs, nevertheless it is a pleasant and relaxing experience.