Children's Party Ideas For The Winter Season

Just because it’s cold and blustery doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your children’s achievements and birthdays with fun parties. You just need to cater them to the season, of course. With an excellent Disney film like Frozen it has made it even easier for party planning, but not so if your child isn’t into Disney princesses.

You cans till come up with a plan though. If the wind chill isn’t horrible and you live in an area with snow you can even have some outdoor fun during the party. Winter parties do have some downfalls, like if a blizzard hits and no one can make it. Always have a backup plan!


Pick A Cold Theme

It’s winter, so it’s cold outside. Pick a party theme that embraces that cold weather. It could be a movie theme, like Frozen or some other popular kids movie that takes place in the snow and cold. Use that theme to purchase the decorations and to come up with an all around color scheme.

Winter colors can include blue and white, and even silver (like the glitter of fresh fallen snow), or if the party is around Christmastime or a Christmas theme you could opt for green and red, and maybe even gold. Maybe you want to use paper plates with snowflakes on them and have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.


Make Snow Angels And Snow Cones

Do wintery things as part of the entertainment. Most children love getting outside when the snow is on the ground, so come up with snow day things to entertain them. Maybe plan the party around a day at a park with a hill for a sledding party.

If the party is at your home you can always simply take the kids out to the yard to build snowmen, make snow angels, and maybe even have a snowball fight. Indoors they can make snow cones, or have hot chocolate to warm up after they get inside from the cold. Have small marshmallows, candy canes, and other fun things they can add to their mugs of cocoa.


Use Seasonal Foods

Take the party all the way home by making sure that you have foods that are perfect for the winter season. That includes those tasty snow cones. You can also teach the kids how to make ice cream from fresh snow.

If you aren’t much of a cook you may want to consider catering the party. If you are having a kids party around Thanksgiving, you may want a meal theme that reflects that. If it’s around Christmas, cutout cookies could be fun. You might even want to look into what produce, fruits and vegetables, are actually in season in your area and making a learning lesson out of them!