How An Organized Closet Can Make Your Life Easier

Whether you are organizing your own closet or your kids closet, having an organized closet space can really make your life easier. It can speed up the time it takes for you to get ready. It lets you live in a less cluttered space, and it makes it easier for putting things back away (especially for the kids).


Easier To Find Things

An organized closet makes it easier to find things. Sort your clothing by color and type, and put together pieces that you normally wear together. Consider investing in some skirt or pant hangers that hold multiple garments.


You may want to buy one of those closet organizer systems, which make room for your to not just hand stuff, but also store folded items in their own places and give you space for your shoes and other items. The more organized you are the better.


With kids, an organized closet can even mean room for toys and other stuff that they need. If it’s organized and they know what goes where they may be more likely to put stuff away, on their own.


No Slip Hangers

One of the biggest nuisances of even the best organized closet is falling clothes. It falls into the dust or pet hair and then needs to be put back in with the dirty clothes. or it gets wrinkled and then you need to dig out the iron and ironing board.


It makes complete sense to invest in non slip hangers. These hangers will hold your silk garments and all, with no slipping to the floor, and then no dog hair and dust to deal with.


Weeding Out What You Don’t Wear

Part of an organized closet is getting rid of the things that you don’t wear, as well as organizing for season. Start off by purchasing some of those vacuum sealing bags that you can store winter sweaters in during the summer and your shorts in during the winter. It keeps them sealed off from getting bugs and stuff in them, and makes them fit easy on a top shelf of your closet organizer system.


To weed out the clothes you no longer wear, turn all of your hanger backward. After six months (mark it on the calendar) the hangers that are still backward show you the clothes that you no longer wear. Pack them up and donate them!


An organized closet is a happy closet and it makes it easier for you to find things. You no longer have to search for that matching shoe that is probably lost under the bed. Plus, you won’t need to sift through clothes you never wear to find the ones you do want to wear.