The Benefits of Taking a Taxi Instead of Getting a Car

When you own a business, you are apt to need transportation for business-related activities. This will also likely be true even if you are the sole proprietor of a business. Whether you operate a one-person dog walking business, design jewelry, or write magazine articles from home, you will typically need transportation for various activities associated with your work. You might be required to meet with clients (or even transport them along with you at times). You may need to get equipment and other supplies. Many activities simply wouldn’t be doable by taking public transportation, such as a bus or a train.

If you don’t already own a vehicle, you might be considering the purchase of one. This is not an unreasonable idea; however, more people than ever are opting not to buy cars – and this includes business owners. You may want to think about the following points before you decide whether a car is a wise investment.

The Expenses

One of the top reasons that countless individuals are doing without a car is the seemingly endless number of expenses related to vehicle maintenance and repair. Repairs are often expensive, especially major repairs. You are also forced to be without your vehicle while it’s being fixed.

Other expenses add up over time. As a responsible vehicle owner and business owner, you must pay for things like registration, licensing, and insurance. You may be able to deduct some of these expenses at tax time, but they could still consume a significant portion of your business budget. If you are a sole proprietor, you are probably running your business on as tight a budget as possible.  

Taking a taxi can resolve this issue for you. In many cases, taxi rides may also be used as write-offs when you do your taxes. Instead of using money that could be put into your business, you could take a taxi when you meet clients or shop for new equipment. The money you save on car repairs and maintenance could be used to upgrade equipment or expand your business.

The Environment

Another reason that millions of people are taking taxis instead of buying cars is that doing so reduces their carbon footprints. If your business has anything to do with improving the environment – or simply with being socially conscious – your choice to take taxicabs instead of a car could also make an impressive statement to current and potential clients.

The Convenience

Taking a cab is generally much more convenient than driving your own car (or a company vehicle) to meet with clients and run errands. You don’t need to worry about your car breaking down at the worst possible time (such as when an important client is waiting for you). You can easily make arrangements in advance to have a taxi ready and waiting for you at your convenience.

Taking a taxi to get to business-related functions or to perform job-related tasks just makes sense. The expense of owning a car can eat up your business budget in a profound way. Riding in a taxi is also a better option in terms of the environment, and it is certainly more convenient than driving yourself and clients to meetings and other events. As a sole proprietor, you are in the unique position of being able to choose how you get around, and taking a taxi to get places may be the easiest and most economical option. You’ll also minimize your carbon footprint – which many potential clients might greatly appreciate.   


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