St. Patty’s Decor, Tips, and Tricks

I wish I could throw a party with an unlimited budget, doesn’t that sound fabulous? I’m cheap anyways so when I do host a party, I try to cut costs as much as possible while still being creative and keeping with the theme. So obviously, St. Patty’s is Green and/Rainbow theme and I went on [Read On]

St. Patrick’s Day Yarn Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Yarn Wreath I had this yarn for over a month and I knew I wanted to try my first yarn wreath but time hasn’t been on my side lately. I finally took some time to do it and here’s what I came up with! I bought the wreath at the craft store [Read On]

LUCK – St. Patty’s Garland

I knew I wanted to do some St. Patty’s Day crafts so when my friend Amanda at Joy in the Jumble showed me these awesome and affordable Luck and Shamrock cutouts, I had to have some. I knew I could do something with them, I just didn’t know what. I can’t wait to see what [Read On]

Love & Lucky Letter Art Free Printables

Letter Art is absolutely my NEW Favorite thing to do.  I’m always outside or at the park anyways, I figured why not bring my camera and try and find some letters to see what I can come up with. These can make some pretty cute decorations too and be customized for your name or the [Read On]

Love you Frame & Waterfall Hair Twist

Dear Pinterest, I love you!Love always and forever, Katherine Seriously though, I’m actually doing more than pinning….I’m DOING!! I actually made the “I love you because…” frame a while back and just haven’t gotten around to posting it. I made the frame and wrote on it to my hubby “I love you because…You make the [Read On]

Valentine’s Day Sock Wreath Tutorial

Enter my LUSH, OPI, NYX Giveaway Here! Valentine’s Day Sock Wreath Tutorial Supplies- All from the Dollar Store 4 Pairs of V-Day Socks 1 – Wreath 1 – Red Wire Ribbon Total Cost – $6  First, I cut the wreath with cutting shears to create an opening for the socks Cut the Socks at the Heel and the [Read On]

Valentine’s Day Art – Free Printable and Subway Art Tutorial

I’ve seen em, I’ve made em, I’m sharing em!  GO Here to download yours Go Here to Download this print I’ve made several of these for my kiddies and friends as birth announcements and they’re recently popping up everywhere so I thought I would do a “super quick” tutorial on how to make your own. [Read On]

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date NightsPart of my New Year, New You resolution was to spend more quality time with my hubby so when I was trying to decide on gifts, I found this one on Pinterest via Find Joy in the Journey and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. One of [Read On]

The Hubby’s Photobook of Love

Continuing the Hubby’s Handmade Present Reveal, as promised, I’m sharing the photo book I made for him which I got for FREE. Shutterfly had the book on sale for $13.59 plus shipping costs. My visit to take the kids to see Santa gave me a $10 gift code to Shutterfly and I had gotten a [Read On]

The Hubby Handmade Present Reveal!

Thank you to EVERYONE who gave me such awesome ideas!  I really stretched my $20 to make more than one handmade gift. I’ll be breaking it down into three posts so I don’t overwhelm you with my totally awesomely creative awesomeness. The first gift was so he had a little more stuff to open and [Read On]

Nail Polish Marbled Glass Ornament Tutorial

I am short on time today, stupid final paper due and I really gotta finish, so in case you might have missed it, I’m going to repost another awesome and magnificent ornament tutorial that I shared with the Truly Lovely sisters last week. I saw a neat way to make marble glass ornaments with nail polish and thought [Read On]

Scrapbook Paper Flower Ornaments Tutorial

As I’ve already said, I’m a Christmas Freak and I’ve really opened up my inner craftiness so….another ornament tutorial, yes, yes it is! Hope you like it! A few years back I saw these Scrapbook Paper Flower Ornaments and I LOVED them. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to re-create them [Read On]

Scrap Paper Filled Ornament – Tutorial

I know, I know, I’m blowing your mind with these crafts a two year old could do incredibly sophisticated craft tutorials but what can I say, I’m on a roll. These are fun, easy, and can be made to match ANY color theme. All you need is: Glass Ornaments $2.99 for a 6 pack on a Black [Read On]

Holiday Handprints Tutorial (Yes, Another one!)

Lookie me lookie me, gettin my crafty on twice in one month! Oh yeeeah. This one’s super easy and fun for the kiddos and leaves you with some cute decor and fun memories. What I especially love about this craft is that it can be custom for any holiday just by changing the scrapbook paper [Read On]

Glitter Pumpkins – A Tutorial (ish)

Every year one of my favorite things to do is to make Glitter Pumpkins. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re in luck and you’re probably going to want to make them. This is a super simple craft to do, I mean, if I can do it, YOU definitely can do it. Oh and one [Read On]