Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial

 Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial Months back I pinned this tutorial on how to add text to shapes in Microsoft Word. Here’s the pin if you want to check it out. I went back to the pin make my Valentine’s Creation and clicked on the pin and the blog is no longer [Read On]

The Great Escape

Do you have an 18 month old jumping out of their crib? I found the solution…you’re welcome. I wake up in the morning to a noise and jump out of bed to investigate, assuming it would be Kaylin playing with some toys in her room. Only it wasn’t Kaylin playing…it was Braden. Braden, my 18 [Read On]

Be Kind To One Another – #BeKind2013

Be Kind To One Another – #BeKind2013 Be Kind To One Another – you’ve heard this phrase before.  Especially if you’re an Ellen DeGeneres Fan. I watch her show daily, because she’s awesome and hilarious (…like me). At the end of her show she says: Be Kind To One Another. A simple but powerful message. [Read On]

WW: Resolution Jiggles

With all these new years resolutions flying around, I can’t help but giggle (or jiggle as Kaylin would say) at all the e-cards and meme’s that are flying around right now. Happy Wordless Wednesday!  

14 AFFORDABLE Organizing Ideas – For The Entire Home

14 AFFORDABLE Organizing Ideas – For The Entire Home Like the rest of the world, when a new year approaches, I start envisioning all of the ways I’m going to improve the upcoming year. My household probably falls into the category of “Where the heck did I put {Insert, Seriously.Anything}” . Literally I just explained [Read On]

Christmas Past

Seriously can’t even believe I didn’t post 1,359 posts about Christmas this year but I’ll tell ya why. The hubs, my numero uno, had some vacation time and I wanted to take full advantage of the time with him. SUPER thanks and kudos to all the lovely emails asking where and how I was, I’m [Read On]

Bloggers Day of Rememberance

DIY Scrapbook Paper Tree Holiday Art

Scrapbook Paper Holiday Art – Total Cost UNDER $5 Bringing you another easy peasy cheapie weapie way to festivize (yes, I make up new words) your home this holiday season! If you know me, you’ll know my craft specialty consists of Scrapbook Paper. I don’t want to scare anyone away with anything fancy, so I’ll [Read On]

Home for the Holidays!

After seeing my lovely Truly Lovely friend Kassi’s Decked Halls, I had to jump in on the fun and link up with  Jen, Caroline and Natalie for their Home for the Holidays link up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a CHRISTMAS FREAK! I love it. I’m decorated super early [Read On]

Poppy Seed Projects Review!

If you haven’t heard of Poppy Seed Projects, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding because they’re amazing! They had a picture go viral on Pinterest and The sound of their name makes me want to do the happy dance. Can I just show you the amazing craft I did from Poppy Seed Projects first? [Read On]

Christmasing Tips & Tricks

I know Christmasing can be overwhelming for many. Since I’m a Christmas Freak, I’m always finding ways to make each year a wee bit easier so I wanted to put together some of my tips to make getting through the season easier. And for For all you Crazy Christmasers….Join me on the Crazy Train. CHOO [Read On]

How to Keep your Christmas Tree Alive

HOW TO KEEP YOUR TREE ALIVE! 1) Have the Tree Farm: Trim Up the Trunk (Remove any low branches) and Cut a Fresh Base.  The trimming will help the tree fit into those pain in the arse Christmas Tree holders and save you from any last minute in home trims. Been There…Done That. The hubs [Read On]

Christmasing & I’m Back!

Hey friendlies! I know I’ve been a review/giveaway machine lately thanks to my awesome Holiday Gift Guide. There is some pretty sweet stuff you should definitely check out. Let me tell you, this giveaway and review biz is hard stuff! I ran a few days over but am glad to be returning you to your [Read On]

Disney on Ice with my Princess

Hey friends! Please support my blog and Click here and vote for me on Circle of Moms!      Last weekend Kaylin and I went with our friends to see the awesome Disney on Ice show. This one had all the characters and I knew Kaylin would go Cray Cray seeing Mickey, he’s pretty much like the [Read On]

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath. Easy, Affordable, and can be made Custom to your Style! Here’s the deal, I love the Dollar Store. I can’t seem to get enough…ever. What I like even more, is doing crafts with stuff bought at the dollar store. What I’m basically saying is….I’m Cheap Frugal. I went for Halloween [Read On]

Sponsor a Hurricane Sandy Family

Due to the devastating loss the East Coast has experienced from Hurricane Sandy, it was time to put my blogging network to a good cause. As I was sitting in the comfort of my home, people were losing everything to this storm. It’s hard to sit by and not at least try to help. Instead [Read On]

Happy Halloween!

I loved seeing everyone’s Halloween posts yesterday and couldn’t wait to get mine up and running.This year was the perfect year. Kaylin actually knew what to do and Braden figured out the candy thing pretty quickly. Besides the fact that he tried to walk in everyone’s house, it was awesome! Seeing the magic through my [Read On]

This Guy – Signature T-Shirts

“THIS GUY LOVES HIS WIFE!” And he does!! Isn’t he such a gem to actually wear this for me I love him back! Is this not the perfect Gift for your husband? Signature TShirts is the PERFECT source for your Holiday Gifts this season. They have a huge selection of affordable t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, [Read On]

Zucchini Pizza – Easy & Healthy Alternative

Zucchini Pizza is great healthy alternative to Pizza. Skip the bread, sub some veggies, still delicious! I don’t have a lot of recipes but this is one I do often. My kids eat it…so I make it…A LOT. If you want acne free skin then this is the great recipe for you. Alternatively you can [Read On]

Keepin up with the Sulli’s…our new Addition!

Happy Friday Peeps!I thought it was time for a what have we been up to post so here’s ya go: We’ve been pumpkin patching…a lot. My daughter won a prize at the pumpkin patch and this is what she picked: I tried to pursuade her to choose the stickers, even the lollipops, but NOPE, her [Read On]