Professional Plumbing and Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem that affects homes all across the country. No matter where you live or what precautions you take, you probably have at least some hard water going through your pipes. While hard water won’t cause many problems in small amounts and it won’t have an adverse effect on your health, [Read On]

Clean Stand-up Comedy for Your Family

Hiring a stand-up comedian for your event is almost always a great idea. The times it isn’t, however, can be a big problem for your event’s image even years down the line. This can often hold true regardless of whether you have children or not—in fact, many stand-up comedians are avoiding colleges to avoid the [Read On]

Choosing the Right Childcare Program for You

Finding the right child care is not easy these days, so to make sure that you pick a childcare service you feel comfortable with, consider doing a bit of research before discussing with a potential provider. One of the great advantages of the internet is that you can learn so much more about potential child [Read On]

Choosing the Right College for You

Choosing which college to attend is the biggest decision most high school graduates have ever encountered. After visiting campuses, filling in applications, writing essays, and nervously awaiting responses, you may find yourself with several acceptance letters and struggling to pick just one. The decision you make will affect not only your life in the next [Read On]

Staying Focused for the Long-haul

Endurance training can be tough on your body, especially when you push yourself but aren’t ready for it. The proper diet and exercise regimen will help you prepare for long-distance running, cycling and other exercises that can push your endurance to the limit, but there are times when it can only get you so far. [Read On]

Relaxing on Your Vacation

By the time most Americans actually take their annual vacations, they most likely have been complaining for several months about how badly they need a vacation already. While some of these fall into the category of habit, there is also a solid element of truth to some of these, because the stress that builds up [Read On]

4 Pregnancy Changes That Are Completely Normal

Congratulations on your new life! Becoming a parent is an incredibly exciting, and anxiety-filled, time. Pregnancy can certainly take its toll on your body, providing a litany of changes by the day. If you spend time googling every new concern, you can drive yourself crazy with worry. So save yourself, and your doctor, some time, [Read On]

3 Tips on How to Choose Baby Gifts for the Baby in Your Life

When someone in your life is having a baby, you want to make sure that you find a baby gift that’s cute, useful, and safe for both mother and child. Of course, finding the perfect baby gifts can be a bit overwhelming, which is why it’s important to follow these 3 tips to help you [Read On]

Write Something Funny He Says….

The other day the hubs and I were discussing the many “forks I have in the fire” and we were talking about my awesome little blog here when he says: “You should keep writing Funny Stuff.” Ummm ok, so I know I’ve been lagging on posting here. My bad ya’lls! My forks are in the [Read On]

House Hunting Blues

I got the blues {Da na na na na} The house hunting blues {Da na na na na} House Hunting is hard stuff! Dragging two kids in and out of houses for hours on end is not an easy task. Actually, it’s pretty torturous.We were so lucky with selling our house that multiple, over asking [Read On]

Life Cycle of a Blogger

—-This following is the Life Cycle of a Blogger—- When you start to blog, you’re excited. You post every day. Maybe even twice. You’re addicted. Your first comment! OMG, WOW, someone somewhere read your blog! Wahooooo. You share your post on Facebook and see that 5 people read your blog post. You’re ecstatic. You watch [Read On]

Kappa Kappa Blogger – Blogging is like a Sorority

Kappa Kappa Blogger – It’s true right? Blogging is like a sorority. Think about it. Like a sorority, some people think bloggers are silly, crazy isn’t it? Some people think there’s no point to blogging, why be a part of something you don’t need. And then there’s the bloggers who think it’s a fantastic community [Read On]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Where I’ve been!

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve actually sat down and written a blog post. I’ve been doing a lot of amazing giveaways/reviews lately so even though I’m here, I haven’t really been here. My apologies friends. I couldn’t let a St. Patrick’s Day slip by without a post so I’m back! St. Patrick’s [Read On]

Moving on up!

PomLove – Tissue Paper PomPom Decor

A week ago I showcased my Irish themed baby shower and shared the amazing sponsor PomLove who created all of the Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s that brilliantly tied all of the decor together. Here’s how the PomPom’s looked at the shower: They were the most amazing accents for this party. They add height, depth, color, [Read On]

Expressions Paperie – Sponsor Spotlight

Expressions Paperie is an amazing website and Etsy shop that has a fantastic selection of unique stationary, invitations, and party printables. She offers a great variety of products from invitations and thank you cards to decor like banners & signs, cupcake toppers, centerpieces and more. She can also offer digital files so you can do [Read On]

I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books

I LOVE Personalized gifts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I See Me! Personalized Books has some fantastic personalized books for the little readers in your life. I was able to review an amazing book for Kaylin, called Who Loves Me?  I can’t begin to express how incredible this book is. Kaylin [Read On]

Tablecloths Must Have Party Decor

I’m a party planner, I’m seriously in love with throwing parties and love finding the best ways to spruce up a party. Decor is usually my favorite part of throwing a party because the options are endless. One thing I remember from my wedding was the “linen lady.” She wanted to sell me on her [Read On]

The Great Escape

Do you have an 18 month old jumping out of their crib? I found the solution…you’re welcome. I wake up in the morning to a noise and jump out of bed to investigate, assuming it would be Kaylin playing with some toys in her room. Only it wasn’t Kaylin playing…it was Braden. Braden, my 18 [Read On]

Party Pail Party Supplies Review

Ok party people, check it out: Party Pail is a fantastic website offering literally anything you need to throw an incredible party. When I throw a party, I start planning months in advance. I take time to search the beginning to the end of the internet to find the best supplies, best prices, affordable shipping, [Read On]