Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Where I’ve been!

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve actually sat down and written a blog post. I’ve been doing a lot of amazing giveaways/reviews lately so even though I’m here, I haven’t really been here. My apologies friends. I couldn’t let a St. Patrick’s Day slip by without a post so I’m back! St. Patrick’s [Read On]

Moving on up!

PomLove – Tissue Paper PomPom Decor

A week ago I showcased my Irish themed baby shower and shared the amazing sponsor PomLove who created all of the Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s that brilliantly tied all of the decor together. Here’s how the PomPom’s looked at the shower: They were the most amazing accents for this party. They add height, depth, color, [Read On]


Irish Themed Baby Shower

When my step-sister told me she wanted to have an Irish Themed Baby Shower, I was beyond thrilled! We’re huge St. Patrick’s Day fans and we love our Irish roots so this was perfect for me. This type of party would be great for an Irish Themed Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, or even St. Patrick’s [Read On]


Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial

 Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial Months back I pinned this tutorial on how to add text to shapes in Microsoft Word. Here’s the pin if you want to check it out. I went back to the pin make my Valentine’s Creation and clicked on the pin and the blog is no longer [Read On]

The Great Escape

Do you have an 18 month old jumping out of their crib? I found the solution…you’re welcome. I wake up in the morning to a noise and jump out of bed to investigate, assuming it would be Kaylin playing with some toys in her room. Only it wasn’t Kaylin playing…it was Braden. Braden, my 18 [Read On]

Be Kind To One Another – #BeKind2013

Be Kind To One Another – #BeKind2013 Be Kind To One Another – you’ve heard this phrase before.  Especially if you’re an Ellen DeGeneres Fan. I watch her show daily, because she’s awesome and hilarious (…like me). At the end of her show she says: Be Kind To One Another. A simple but powerful message. [Read On]

WW: Resolution Jiggles

With all these new years resolutions flying around, I can’t help but giggle (or jiggle as Kaylin would say) at all the e-cards and meme’s that are flying around right now. Happy Wordless Wednesday!